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Hydrangea has everything what you may expect from an attractive plant: beauty, an unprecedented long flowering period and surprisingly easy care. To sell Hydrangea to your customers in prime condition, the Hydrangea growers have several of tips for you.


The Hydrangea as a garden plant needs little care in the store. It is important that the soil does not go dry, the Hydrangea is a water lover. But also take care not to give too much water. If too much water remains in the outer pot or saucer, the roots can die because of lack of oxygen.

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Tip of the day

The garden Hydrangea enjoys sunshine, but should not get too hot. Plant your Hydrangea so it catches the morning sun but stands in the shade in the afternoon. The more morning sun, the better the bloom.

Hydrangea cultivation is one of the most sustainable of cut flower crops, with minimal levels of energy and nutrient consumption.

Ensure that the potting soil of the Hydrangea remains moist. A plunge under water once or twice a week does the plant well.