Care Tips

Hydrangea has everything what you may expect from an attractive flower: beauty, an unprecedented long flowering period and surprisingly easy care. To sell Hydrangea to your customers in prime condition, the Hydrangea growers have several of tips for you.

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Spectacular stem length

Some cut flower Hydrangeas have a stem length of 30 to 50 cm. The most spectacular specimens have a stem length of 80 cm and more. Therefore you can easily create a high or low eye catcher in your home.

Tip of the day

Hydrangea cultivation is one of the most sustainable of cut flower crops, with minimal levels of energy and nutrient consumption.

Cut flower Hydrangeas do not do well in a metal vase or bucket. Glass vases are ideal. You can easily check the quantity and quality of the water.

Unique to Hydrangeas is the evolving colours of the flowers. During bloom the flowers change colours. Their original colour mixes with green tints in various tones.

Cut flower Hydrangeas are cut in different stages of growth. The more advanced the flower colour changing, the more durable. A fully grown, colour changed flower that feels hard and firm, can stand in a vase beautifully for up to 3 weeks.

Fill the vase with 2/3 water and add cut flower food before you arrange your cut flower Hydrangeas in the vase.

Do not place hydrangeas in direct sunlight or near a heater

Fruit produce gas which make Hydrangea flowers age soon. Therefore do not put the flower vase too close to the fruit basket.