The house Hydrangea is a seasonal product, available from January till November. High season is March till August when the plants are readily available. You can purchase the plants at your florist, garden centre, home improvement store and supermarket.


Hydrangeas come in a huge range of colours including white, various shades of pink, red and blue. There are also bicoloured varieties in pink and white and blue and white. Most varieties of house Hydrangeas change colour as the flowers age. For example they can change from pink to dark green or from cream to white and then to pale green. Hydrangea keeps surprising you!


The Hydrangea is available in many different shapes. Hydrangea macrophylla is the most well-known Hydrangea. Especially indoors the enormous flower head with small flowers attract attention.

The lacecaps have a flat, umbel-shaped flowering. The flower head on the outside draws insects to the fertile inner flowers.

Hydrangea paniculata differs from the other Hydrangea varieties by its long plumes and vertical growth.

Tip of the day

The garden Hydrangea enjoys sunshine, but should not get too hot. Plant your Hydrangea so it catches the morning sun but stands in the shade in the afternoon. The more morning sun, the better the bloom.

Hydrangea cultivation is one of the most sustainable of cut flower crops, with minimal levels of energy and nutrient consumption.

Ensure that the potting soil of the Hydrangea remains moist. A plunge under water once or twice a week does the plant well.