Large bulging flower heads with small star-shaped flowers give Hydrangea its charm: the plant is associated with the long, bright days of spring and the atmosphere of summer. Hydrangea has a mildly sweet scent and is both in house and outside an abundant flowering eye-catcher, with large flowers and beautiful green leaves.

Tips to keep your house Hydrangea looking good indoors:

  • Put the Hydrangea in a bright spot, at room temperature
  • Ensure the soil in the pot is kept moist. The plant will enjoy a plunge bath once or twice a week.
  • If necessary put a saucer under the flowerpot to catch excess watering. Throw the excess water away after half an hour. If too much water remains in the outer pot or saucer, the roots can die due to lack of oxygen. As in the case of soil that is too dry, the flowers and leaves will sag.
  • Forgotten to give water? Dip the pot completely under till the root-ball is completely saturated with water, let it drip for a little while and then let the plant recover in a cool spot. This can take a while.
  • Give pot plant food every other week, following instructions on the packing.


  • Depending on the type of indoor hydrangea and the location in house, the plant will bloom for at least 3 weeks.

Extra tip

Has your houseplant ceased blossoming? When the chance of night frost is low the houseplant can go outside

Step 1Kamerplant-01-verzorgingspagina

Cut the finished flowers back 15 centimeters.

Step 2

Put the plant in a spot with not too dry soil or place it in a good-size pot on your terrace or balcony.

Hydrangeas prefer a spot in the shade or semi-shade. Look for more tips on care for garden Hydrangea

Tip of the day

Ensure that the potting soil of the Hydrangea remains moist. A plunge under water once or twice a week does the plant well

Tip of the day

After bloom your house plant can easily adjust to outside air, so the next season you can also enjoy a flowering Hydrangea outside.

Tip of the day

The house Hydrangea does not agree with draught and large temperature variations. The ideal temperature is 15 to 22 °C.