The stylish cut Hydrangea has long been discovered as part of a beautiful bouquet. It is often used in fabulous floral work. No wonder, since the use of Hydrangea always guarantees a splendid product. Every space is lit up when these colourful flower heads appear. They also make a wonderful gift: you are certainly not arriving empty handed! Or how about a single, decorative flower next to a plate on the dinner table? Dare to experiment. This is an inspiring flower!

Follow these tips to keep your Hydrangea looking good indoors:


Fill a clean vase with water and some cut flower food.


Remove any excess foliage from the stem.


Cut 1 cm off the stem and repeat this every two or three days.


Do not place in direct sunlight or near a heater.

Extra tip

Drying Hydrangeas
You can dry ‘Classic’ Hydrangeas after they have changed colour! If the flowers stop absorbing water and the leaves look limp, remove the leaves from the stem and empty the vase of water.

Replace the flowers in the vase minus the leaves and water. Normally the flowers will then dry out completely and provide months of enjoyment!


Tip of the day

Fill the vase with 2/3 water and add cut flower food before you arrange your cut flower Hydrangeas in the vase.

Tip of the day

Fruit produce gas which make Hydrangea flowers age soon. Therefore do not put the flower vase too close to the fruit basket.

Tip of the day

Cut flower Hydrangeas are cut in different stages of growth. The more advanced the flower colour changing, the more durable. A fully grown, colour changed flower that feels hard and firm, can stand in a vase beautifully for up to 3 weeks.